What personality type are you? Test your personality!

Have you ever tried to judge your personality? Or have taken any personality test?

Do you think that you see the world a little differently from others? Or notice such things others don’t?

After all, every individual is intelligent and curious in a different way. And these traits vary in so many ways in this age of digitalization. Personality is a quality that makes an individual unique in every way. So, it is important to know which personality type are you exactly.


When traits and patterns combine and collectively influence the thoughts, behavior, emotions, and motivations of an individual; they motivate a person to feel, think, and behave consistently in a specific way. Over time these traits strongly influence the personal attitude, expectations, and perceptions.

In the field of psychology, we study the personality and its variations among different individuals. Moreover, this scientific study explains how psychological forces create individual differences in people. This field of psychology is Personality Psychology.

What is a personality test?

Personality tests are the assessments that are generally designed to measure the characteristic traits of a personality. These are techniques that are used to measure personality consistently and accurately. These personality tests are essential for:

  • To observe changes in a personality
  • Effectiveness of therapy
  • Diagnosing the psychological problems
  • Screening for job candidates
  • Assessment of theories
  • Child custody dispute

Types of personality test:

The business of personality tests is big and growing every single day. Thousands of personality tests are available in the market. You can have free personality tests to determine your personality traits.

Most people consider these personality tests as gambles. But most of these tests help people to get a better understanding of their personality. And they can easily find their matches, personal strengths, and soul mates.

As we have already mentioned there are thousands of online, paid, and free personality tests available. But here we will only discuss the most popular type of personality tests. So, let’s start learning about personality and different tests to measure them in this article.

Famous Personality Tests:

There are 4 very famous online personality tests. These include:

  • Big five personality test
  • Myers-Briggs personality test
  • Free Disc personality test
  • Emotional Intelligence test

Big Five Personality Test:

Maybe sometimes you think ‘’Why do I react differently than others in similar situations?’’ and you get confused and find no answer to this question.

Big Five Personality traits theory has an answer to your question.

Every individual is unique and exclusive. But this exclusiveness originates from the combination of five common traits all humans share. The ratios of every single trait produce uniqueness in attitude, behavior, and personality and differentiate one from others.

This theory was initially researched and presented in many ways by several independent scientists but the five-factor model of personality traits was presented by J.M. Digman in 1990 and then extended by Goldberg in 1993.

Big Five Personality Traits:

According to the big five models, the five big personality traits are:

  1. Openness: This trait includes the open-minded and authority challenging nature of a person. This trait includes a wide variety of interests, insightfulness, and imagination of a person.
  2. Conscientiousness: This personality trait shows the organized nature and self-discipline of an individual. People with a high degree of conscientiousness have more reliable and prompt nature.
  3. Extroversion: Socialization and outgoingness of a person can be judged by this trait. Moreover, the extroverted people have their energy source inside themselves.
  4. Agreeableness: this light up the personality traits of friendliness, tactfulness and how much a person is sympathetic and affectionate.
  5. Neuroticism: It is all about the ability of a person to remain stable and balanced. Moreover, it can be the emotional stability of a person. Being moody and tense can be also included in this trait.

These are also termed as OCEAN. These five broad domains explain human nature and account for individual differences. So you can go through this test and see where you fall on this personality test.

Take a free personality test:

You can take this big five personality test online for free. It will tell you about yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and reactions in different situations. It will help you to choose an occupation or a soul mate for you. Click here for free personality test. So, just take this test and see what benefits it bring for you.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test (MBPT):

Do you know your four-letter type can help you to find your detailed profile? Carl Jung’s theory of ‘’ four principals psychological functions’’ suggests that everyone experiences the world using special features. These traits include Sensation, Intuition, Feelings, and Thinking.

Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers expended Carl’s theory and suggested the 16 possible personality types. This mother-daughter collaboration created the very first pen and pencil version of this test in 1940.

An overview of this test:

This inventory is composed of some particular questions. Based on the answers to the questions people can be divided into 16 personality types. Do you want to know these 16 types of personalities? The next section discusses each one of them. Most of them are discussed in pairs and are opposite to each other.

Extroversion (E) & Introversion (I):

This style pair is concerned with the directions of your energy. It explains how your preference for energy decides how extroversion or introversion you are. If you choose your energy preference to deal with situations, people, or things of the outer world, you are an extroversion (E). But in case of choosing your energy preference to deal with your inner world (personal emotions, ideas, explanations, and beliefs) you are Introvert (I).

Sensing (S) & Intuition (I):

This pair deals with the processed type of information/thing by you. Your preference for dealing with facts, the way you got to know these facts are important here. Moreover, the clarity, and how to describe these facts also holds high importance. Then you go with sensing (S). But if your preference is about anticipating a non-obvious, dealing with the ideas, generation of new possibilities and looking into unknown. You select Intuition (I).

Thinking (T) & Feeling (F):

The reflection of your decision making can be easily reflected by the third pair. If the decision making is based upon a detached approach, logic, and analytics, then your preference is Thinking. But if you choose to go with values and believes then you are giving more preference to the feelings.

Judgment (J) & Perception (P):

This pair indicates the life-style you adopt. Moving with the flow, and responding towards the things as they rise to maintain the flexibility shows the perception as your preference. While the selection of a well planned and well-structured lifestyle as your preference shows judgment. It is important to keep in mind the difference between judgment and being judgmental because both have different meanings.

Combining these four letters, you can generate a personality type code. Choosing four pairs from their means there are total 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types. Let us discuss this test and its different types in thee next section of this article.

Myer- Briggs Personality Test Indicator (MBTI):

Is your personality type is ESTP or INTJ?


This is a self-inventory that is designed for the identification of personality type, preferences, and strengths of a person. This is the widely used psychological instrument in the world. This indicator is specially designed to identify the personality type of any individual. It helps to explore and understand self-personality. Moreover, likes, dislikes compatibility, career choice, strengths, and weaknesses of a person can also be detected as a result of this test.

According to MBTI none of the personality is better than others. It is also not designed to point out the abnormalities. But it is simply important for learning more about self features and personality.

Each type with of personality with its four-letter code:

Here we are discussing different types of personalities that are part of this specific test. So, have a look at these types and find out the diversity that this test provides. It actually means that it covers most of the individuals and provide them with an extensive description of who they actually are. So, try this test now.

  1. ISTJ – The Inspector
  2. ENTJ – The Commander
  3. ISTP – The Crafter
  4. ENTP – The Debater
  5. ISFJ – The Protector
  6. ENFJ – The Giver
  7. ISFP – The Artist
  8. ENFJ – The Giver
  9. INFJ – The Advocate
  10. ENFP – The Champion
  11. INFP – The Mediator
  12. ESFJ – The Caregiver
  13. INTJ – The Architect
  14. ESFP – The Performer
  15. INTP – The Thinker
  16. ESTP – The Persuader

Is MBTI reliable?

No one can demonstrate the reliability and validity of MBPT adequately. It is easy to use and available in many free versions. If you are interested in knowing your type of personality takes this test. In addition, you can easily judge the reliability of this test when you’ll take this test for yourself. If you feel that the results are similar to the personality that you actually possess, then you can consider this test reliable and vice versa.

Click here and know about your personality type.

DISC Personality Test:

Disc assessment or disc personality test determines an individual’s DISC type with their personality profile. Every year around one million people use this personal assessment tool to improve their communication. Moreover, it also helps in work productivity, and teamwork.

What is DISC?

DISC is composed of four main features. These features are:

  • D=Dominance
  • I=Influence
  • S=Steadiness
  • C=Conscientiousness

This test predicts the behavior of a person towards others and everyday things we commonly do. DISC specifically measures – A person’s unique behavioral style. It is not about measuring mental health or intelligence. Moreover, by measuring preference tendencies one can become able to build stronger relationships with others. It can minimize or prevent arguments, and can be able to work more progressively in the team.

The four DISC factors:

DISC personality test explains the four DISC factors as:


The people having a D-type personality are ambitious and dominant. They only focus on the challenges they face and the expected results. In addition, these people often rise as leaders because of being assertive, optimist, and excellent communicators. D-type people live and work fast and make decisions objectively.


I-types are very social, optimistic, and cheerful. They just love being around people. Moreover, popularity, recognition, and fun motivate this kind of personalities. Their openness, awareness, and warm welcoming nature consider as charismatic to those who interact with them. So, the people that you see around have fun always can probably belong to this category.


Steadiness or S-type people feel happy to help others. They are patient, gentle, kind-hearted, and motivators. In addition, a good relationship, tranquility, and appreciation works as their motivation.


These types of people are introvert. C-type is analytical thinkers and diplomatic in their communication. Conscientious types of people are critical, and they do not believe in multitasking. Moreover, they work on the smaller details, procedures, and quality of their work. Quality and perfection are their inspirations.

Benefits of DISC assessment:

This test has a long list of advantages and benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • This test helps a person to know better about their personality. It makes us able to overcome our weaknesses and faults by knowing them in a better way. It helps us to better suggest about our strength level, response towards conflict, and our ideal role in an organization
  • This assessment is also used as a recruitment tool to select the most effective and eligible candidate for a workplace or business.
  • This tool is also effective in building a dynamic, qualifies, and successful team.
  • The DISC assessment is also a powerful tool that can play a key role in sales. It helps a business to understand the needs of their clients and help the customer care department to deal with the customer of every kind. So, having an idea about this test and using this test for hiring purposes can generate best results.

Take a free DISC Personality Test:

Take your free DISC personality test here and discover the real you.

Emotional Intelligence Test:

There is no doubt in it that emotional intelligence is the key factor in dealing with disputes and conflicts. It is also essential in communicating with others. Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to recognize and manage the emotions of your own and others. So, we guess by now the concept of emotional intelligence would be cleared.

According to research, 80-90% of success is attributable to emotional intelligence. And the remaining 10-20% is dependent on your IQ. So, isn’t it important to uncover what forms 80-90% of your success? Moreover, it is critical to identify your own emotions as well as the emotions of others.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is all about general mental or cognitive ability. It is completely different from traditional measures of intelligence such as emotions, emotional traits, and emotional styles. EI is the ability of a person to connect his/her knowledge to emotions. It is to be done in order to integrate all the skills of an individual. It consists of a set of skills and abilities that can be divided into five domains. Do you want to know these domains? Here we are mentioning them in the next section for you.

EI skills or abilities:

  • Self-awareness: It is about observing yourself and identifying the various feelings as they happen.
  • Emotions management: This is the ability to handle feelings appropriately. Realization of the root cause behind a feeling and finding a suitable way to handle that particular feeling such as fear, sadness, anger, and anxiety.
  • Self-motivation: It is a proper way to channel emotions to serve a goal. It is all about stifling impulses. Moreover, emotional self-control, and gratification delay also become the part of this particular domain.
  • Empathy: Understanding the feelings, emotions, concerns, and perspectives are called empathy. And then giving others some space and appreciating the difference between feelings of own and others.
  • Handling relationships: After tackling all the above-mentioned conditions it is about managing other’s emotions, social skills, and competence.

There are three popular emotional intelligence tests available online that help a person to understand their level of emotional intelligence. These tests cannot only help to assess your existing skills level. But, these tests aid to find ways to make themselves better.

1. Empathy Quotient:

This test is designed to assess a person clinically. Moreover, it is a questionnaire of 60 items and helps to measure the temperamental empathy in adults. This test was designed by Simon Baron-Cohen. You can take this test free online.

Answering 60 questions about personality would take some time. So, it is recommended that you should spare some time when you decide to take this test. Calm expression of your opinion through this test would reflect your personality in the true sense. So, have a look and see what type of personality you have got.

2. Berkeley Emotional Intelligence:

This test is easy, quick, fun, and a very informative way to know about your skills to understand others. It helps in identifying your ability to read other person’s facial expressions and understand their emotions. Additionally, this test consists of 20 pictures and you have to recognize their emotions by observing their facial expressions.

Face reading is a critical skill to mitigate conflicts. So, taking this test can provide you with an authentic review about your own skills when it comes to knowing your body language reading abilities.

3. VeryWellMind:

It is a very simple and easy test that consists of only 10 questions. It is not a scientific or medically proven test. But its low or high score provides you a kind of help that can guide you even better about your emotions and feelings.

This is one of the simple tests to get an overview of personality without putting in any specific effort or time. Isn’t that actually great? You can share this test with your friends and family too. The results from this test will help in knowing the credibility of the test too.


Many of us take online personality tests just for fun. MBTI and big five are the two most popular tests that people take to identify their personalities around the world. But in our opinion, these tests fall short identifying you. Personality traits tend to change in different situations that is why “big-five personality traits’’ test is better than MBPT.

Because it provides a better way to look at personality is Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. The big-five test does not assign a type of personality to an individual. But it deals with the individual aspects of anyone’s personality.

Other tests are also reliable in many ways and most of the time the results astonish us. It is also a thing to remember that no test or scale can measure the true personality of a person. These are some numbers or predictions that are estimated by the answers given by a person during the test. Humans are a complicated creature. No one can predict anything about him/her just observing facial expressions or by questioning some particular events or situations.

But still, efforts are continuing to explore the real nature and true emotions of ours. With this realization, you can keep on exploring different tests and see which of them is the perfect one.

What is your opinion about it? Do comment and tell us about the personality test you have taken recently. You can also take both of these tests mentioned in the given links. Don’t forget to share your results with us. Let everyone see what type of person are you in terms of these tests.

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