Who is an introvert? How can you identify introverted personalities?

Let’s identify introverted personalities or introverts!

Seeking for no special attention and socialization, but feel exhausted and drained out in gathering? Is this something you need to worry about?

People who are little reserved, quiet, and thoughtful are usually known as introverts. But who are introverts in actual? Is it a mental disorder or a kind of trait?

Is being introverted, not a good thing? And how can we identify an introverted personality?

In this article, our focus would be on these questions. So, all your unanswered questions would be answered here. Stick to this article and read it till the end to have valuable information.

Introvert Personality:

Introvert meaning is modest, shy, quiet, one who prefers spending time alone and avoid being with people. The word introvert synonym can be taken as a brooder, egotist, egoist, narcissist, and solitary. Even this is not the complete list, you can still find many more meanings and synonyms for this word.

A personality trait explained as the tendency of being inwardly oriented and gathering the strength and energy from being alone is called introvert personality. Moreover, it is a personalized approach that is characterized by hushed and lonely experiences. We can easily understand as an opposite personality to extrovert.

Personality Comparison Between Introvert & Extrovert:

An extrovert is a person who always feels happy to spend time with friends and family, gets recharged in social gatherings, communicates in a straight forward way, open about their self, and easily accept the changes that come to their lives. Because of their moving intentions, they easily get distracted. While introverts get their energy from solitude, think before speaking, their list of friends is not very long, they focus inward, communicate openly with very few people, and they do no accept changes in their life easier and show resistance. They can concentrate on a matter for a long period.

Introvert Definition:

The definition of an introvert personality can be:

‘’An individual who usually prefers a minimal stimulating environment, stays calm, and regain their energy by spending time alone with own self’’.

An introvert is not the product of environment and social influence, but people usually born that way. The brain of an introvert responds differently to dopamine (a neurotransmitter that participates in learning, motivation, and pleasure.

Introversion Vs Shyness:

According to a misconception, introversion is similar to shyness, but these are two different traits. Introverts are not reluctant to socialize, but they restrict their social gatherings with the people who are close to them, enough. Being social or get isolated, for the time being, completely depends upon their mood and kind of situations they go through.

On the other side, shy people may have a strong desire to get involved with others, but they feel a kind of fear in doing this. They can be easily inhibited by others due to their self-consciousness.

Is being an Introvert problematic?

Introverts are labeled as arrogant or detached by people around them. Unfortunately, they may consider people who suffer from an avoidant personality disorder or social phobia. But all the assumptions and judgments of these kinds are totaling wrong.

Introversion is a positively healthy trait.

Being an introvert personality is completely normal. It is just about being preoccupied with their own feelings and thoughts. An introvert usually feels interested in their own mental self and need a little more personal space. They have their facts, fantasies, and feelings. You may consider them antisocial and shy, but it does not mean they have any kind of social fear. Although they do not get involved too much in social interactions, they are good listeners by nature, and no matter how short their list of friends maybe but their friendship is deep-rooted.

Some Clarifications About Introverts:

Being introvert does not mean being depressed and a victim of social anxiety. When they are quiet, most people accuse them of being angry, rude, and proud, and when people see them alone, they consider them selfish, self-centered, and antisocial. Let’s discuss some typical myths about introverts and the truth behind these stereotypes.

Are Introverts Rude?

No, they aren’t. In case of being out of energy, sometimes it happens to introverts that they get to zone out or little crabby, but it is something common with every single person. It’s perfectly normal with introverts too.

Are They Socially Awkward?

Social awkwardness is a total separate trait from introversion. The introvert could be quite charismatic in social gatherings. So, you just can’t have a specific mindset prior to analysis of the personality.

Do they need to be “fixed”?

Introversion is a part of an individual’s total personality. It is not a kind of mental illness or unusual behavioral condition that needs some kind of fixation. Being introvert is as usual as being an extrovert, and there is nothing wrong with them.

Do They wish to be extroverts?

No, they don’t. Introverts feel so contented and satisfied with being what b they are, and usually, they never desire to be an extrovert. They are confident and dare to speak, share their thoughts, and they are also very self-groomed people.

Introverts are people with visions, goals, and purpose, and they have no time for some drama in their life. They utilize their energy in creativity and remain focused on living a positive life.

How to measure introversion?

Introversion and extroversion are not fixed traits. An introvert can convert to an extrovert and vice versa. There are some tests to measure introvert personality trait:

  • The five factors model personality inventory
  • The Keirsey Temperament test
  • The Myers-Briggs type indicator
  • The Personality Style indicator

How to identify an Introvert personality?

However, personality traits are not all or not anything but a combination of different factors and features. The qualities of introverts and extroverts are not fixed. Extroverts can also have some qualities of introverts, and the same is for an introvert.

Here, are some common personality traits that describe an introvert personality:

Spend time alone:

An introvert feels more comfortable being alone and enjoys spending time with only themselves. As, if a person feels happy, peaceful, refreshing, and regains their energy being alone, probably that person is an introvert. So, this could be a point through which you can identify such personalities.

Introspective with a rich inner world:

Introverts have a very active thought processing system. They spend more time pondering, or we may say in daydreaming, but this makes them more creative. Moreover, they are very much attached to their inner world and prefer to explore it further. They believe in the strength and positivity of the inner world and always get in touch with their insights.

Avoid shallow things:

Introvert people seek for meanings. They can think and judge people deeply, so they don’t go for shallow conversations, shallow relationships, and shallow goals. Moreover, they always search for meaningful happenings in their life and prefer high-quality emotional attachments and professional commitments.

Deeper people:

An introvert has so many flairs of his/her personality. They are so much deeper inside, and no one can get an idea of their thoughts and sentiments usually. Moreover, they always get completely involved in what they do, and what they experience, that is why an introvert can be a far better writer or a painter. They prefer exploring their inside world, and that is why they understand the deep meanings of emotional phases.

Prefer working alone:

Isolation increases the level of creativity in introverts. They cannot work comfortably in a group or team of people, but isolation motivates them to focus deeply and produce top quality work.

Limited friends circle:

An introvert personality is not about isolation and no socialization, but introverts can be so good at socializing. But they have their limited circle of friends and people they feel comfortable with. They believe in high-quality relationships and consider it the key to happiness. They can do networking with strangers, but it is the least comfortable thing they do, but they consider it a faking kind of thing.

Although these are some common traits of introvert people, let’s be clear here, there is nothing like a true introvert or an extrovert. No two introverts have the same qualities; they may have different perceptions, thoughts, and ideologies. So, you can’t be looking for similar traits for the identification of this personality.

Types of introverts:

Introversion has four shades, and introverts are a mix of these shades. In particular someone, shade is a little brighter, and that specifies the prominent part of their introvert personality. This classification was done by Cheek, and he named his model of introversion called ‘’STAR’’. According to this division, there are four types of introverts and we are highlighting them below:


Introverts who love staying home and enjoy small gatherings instead of large ones. This is different from shyness, and they show no anxious feelings about solitude.


These are people who are thoughtful, introspective, and self-reflective. They feel lost in their inner world, and they get inspirations from that inner world. So, this creative and imaginative way gives them the ability to become excellent writers, story makers, painters, and dreamers.


These are introverts who don’t feel confident about their social skills. They prefer loneliness because they feel badly self-conscious when having people around them. So, their anxiety never gets fade in isolation too.


These are introverts who take time to open and think before saying or doing anything. They take a while to mingle.

Being Introvert is a blessing:

‘’Introversion is a true blessing from GOD because an introvert does not fake their self for other’s sake.’’

Sometimes, introvert people feel themselves out of place. They think there is something wrong with them. But being an introvert is a real blessing. This world is full of extroverts, but this world of extroverts needs introverts too. People who think deeply and act softly, people who have a little more sense of creativity and sensitiveness. And the people who think before they speak, and care for the sentiments of others.

Introverts are people who can change this world into a calm and peaceful place with their wisdom, thoughtfulness, and contemplativeness.

Do people change from an introvert to an extrovert?

The answer is, ‘’why not?’’.

An introvert is not a specific kind of attitude that is rigid, and you cannot find any flexibility there. Introversion is a specific kind of mood that people prefer to pretend. An introvert can easily learn social skills and can be good at it.

Introversion is the nature of a person, and quite nature is the part of what they are. Moreover, the introverts embrace their nature openly and tend to flourish it. Introverts are far better than extroverts. They are happier, perform their duties more responsibly, give priority to their relationships, and enjoy their life maximum because they have settled nature and peace of mind, and they have a high energy level.


All humans are the same, but different also. We are the same in our human nature, thoughts, feelings, mind, and body, but every individual is unique in their way. Being introvert or extrovert creates no big difference. The thing that matters is what positive changes we can bring in our society and this world as being introvert or extrovert.

Introversion is a state of mind when people associate themselves more closely with their inside, and they experience inner peace and can strengthen up their sense of creativity. We think we all should try to become an introvert for the time being. Moreover, it will surely help to analyze our expertise, deficiencies, and areas of our personality that need more attention.

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We hope this article was helpful for you in clearing you’re many of the confusions regarding introverts. It’s really exciting to be one of them, isn’t it?

Share your experiences with or being introvert and comment on the provided information.

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