Bullying – Is bully a culprit or a victim? Find it out now!

Bullying hurts. Yeah, nearly everyone has faced it in one form or the other.

Apparently, bully is a culprit who deserves our hate, isn’t it? But have you ever given a deeper thought into the entire concept of bullying and being bullied. Being bullied, is no doubt, being a victim but what about the bully? Have you ever observed someone showing aggressive behavior?

The one who continuously and intentionally causes the discomfort or harm to other people. It is bullying. There can be many different types associated with it. It can be seen in the form of words, subtle actions, and even physical contact.

But what about the harm a bully creates for themselves? Is a bully always culprit or the victim of his behavior? In this article, we will uncover the facts related to bullying and its causes. So, give this article a complete read and learn how can you deal with, both, the bully and the bullied.

What is bullying?

The use of coercion, force, intimidation, and threats to make own self dominant to others is called bullying. It is a pattern of behaviors that are unwanted and aggressive. This attitude is used to achieve a feeling of self-importance and to dominate others.

Language, behaviors, and attitudes that degrade, humiliate, belittle, or frighten the recipient is called bullying.

Bullying is a contagious for everyone. Whether it is a child, student, employee, or any other socio-economic group, this phenomenon can apply to everyone. Bullying includes the following behaviors:

  • Threats of making social or physical harms
  • Including or excluding someone from a group or community.
  • Use of coercion to abuse
  • And doing all these things repeatedly to attack someone whether physically, verbally, or emotionally.

Types of bullying:

Bullying has four primary types. These include Verbal, Physical, Social, and Cyber-bullying. But the following are some of the common kinds:

1. Individual bullying:

A single bully commits bullying behavior against one or more people.

2. Collective bullying:

When bullying is perpetrated by more than one person or a group of people, against someone it is collective bullying.

3. Verbal bullying:

When the bully uses their voice to cause harm to others. This is done by threatening someone, name-calling, taunting, making cheap sexual comments, and spreading rumors.

4. Physical bullying:

It is about damaging someone’s possessions. Bully uses physical tactics to harm others like fighting, hitting, stealing, shoving, spitting, and destroying their belongings or property.

5. Workplace bullying:

Bullying behavior against co-workers at the workplace.

6. Relational bullying:

It is termed as ”Mean girl phenomenon” because of its popularity among teenagers. So, it is about damaging the reputation and social standing of anyone.

7. Cyberbullying:

Exerting excessive power over others by using technology is termed as cyber-bullying. It is done by using a cell phone, text or instant messaging, email, and other social networking sites.

Common reasons for bullying:

The usual issues for such a behavior include:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Community strength
  • Social class
  • Physical appearance
  • Behavior
  • Body language

Group Bullying Definition:

When the group of individuals continuously behaves unreasonably to humiliate, degrade, or threaten the people around them, it is called group bullying. Moreover, it can also be termed as “mobbing”. We can find this kind of behavior usually in schools, colleges, and workplaces.

Child Bullying:

Preschoolers and school-going children can also face bullying. Additionally, it can be frightening and damaging physically and emotionally for children. Here are some of the activities that you can consider bullying:

  • The child teases others over and over again.
  • Leaves other children out of activities and games
  • Ignores other children
  • Hits and pushes others
  • Call other children names and spread nasty stories
  • Take or snatch other children’s things and say mean things to them.

It is very important to stop bullying quickly; otherwise, it can destroy the confidence of a child or hurt him seriously. You can observe many physical, social, and behavioral changes in your child if your child is undergoing such a situation in school or in ground. So, you must take a close look on the behavior of your child and as soon as you think, things are changing, contact the teachers and have a detailed conversation with your kid.

Is bully a culprit or victim?

To get the answer to this question we need to peep up inside the brain of a bully. It is important to understand the past and previous incidences that took place in a bully’s life. Here we are sharing some of the most common reasons behind this phenomenon:

Bully may be a lonely person:

Attention, care, and love are the needs of every living organism. Feelings of being lonely, unimportant, and left out can turn a person into a bully. Exerting power makes them feel powered, and they consider their self-important. Although, the bully may have many friends still they may consider themselves alone.

Now a bully could once be bullied:

In childhood years if a person goes through a phase of being bullied by family, friends, or peers he/she may turn into a bully. They feel so angry and want to take their anger out on someone else. However, this condition can go in both ways. Sometimes we see that the person who has been bullied in the past can turn out to be a wonderful person, but the opposite is true as well.

Bully wants to impress others:

If a person doesn’t have a particular talent, skill, or personality that can impress others, then they choose the wrong way to become the center of attention. They consider this phenomenon of teasing others as a way to impress or dominate others.

Bully may have problems at home:

Verbal and physical abuse at the home effect an individual’s mind quite badly. It could turn a normal person into an aggressive and extremist person with a fragile mind. You can observe the victim’s side of the bully here in such a situation.

Bully has low self-esteem:

When people consider themselves as worthless, not smart and attractive enough, then they try to make themselves feel better. They find bullying as the easiest way to make others down. They are not able to fight with the person stronger to them. That is why they ultimately turn back to choose a weaker person as their target.


These are some of the reasons that turn a person into a bully. In terms of psychology, a bully is not only a culprit but also a victim of his/her circumstances. These are people with the deficiencies of happiness, love, care, and respect.

Bullying is just the reaction of all the mishaps and difficulties they have faced. These are individuals with sorrows and sufferings but the only problem is they are a way of expressing their pain. We are not appreciating bullying in anyways. But consider a bully as a victim of bad behaviors and try to help them in anyways to realize their bad attitude and behavior.

What is your opinion about it? Please do let us know in the comments section.

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