Boost Your Self-Confidence With These 4 Basic Steps

Almost every one of us gets persuaded by a person who Speaks, holds their head high, readily admits their unawareness about anything, and answer the questions assuredly. You’ll probably be thinking about such an individual whose confidence is unmatchable and you wonder how they boost their self-confidence.

Are you sure about your feelings, judgments, and decisions? You should better review your thoughts and actions. After listening to this kind of statements do you feel a little uncomfortable or confused? If YES! Then you are losing your self-confidence. Let’s understand the meanings of self-confidence and why it is important to be confident?

What is self-confidence?

Let’s understand the meanings of self-confidence and why it is important to be confident. The definition of self-confidence explains it as a mechanism of living life through which you know yourself and are able to take better care of yourself.

Confidence is a positive feeling that generates self-respect. Self-confidence generates audacity to perform courageous actions. It encourages knowing yourself, appreciates believing in yourself, and motivates to act on your beliefs.

Being Self-Confident is:

  • Feeling of being worthy despite imperfection
  • Courage to stand for your rights
  • Make you feel assertive and worthy of others’ friendship and respect
  • Embolden you to accept yourself as a whole with strengths and weaknesses

Why is it Important?

Actually, being self confident means being prepared for success.          

Self-confidence affects the quality of life of a person. A self-confident person inspires confidence in others. Moreover, it helps in gaining the confidence of others on one’s own abilities. It is a perfect way to find success.

It helps in:

  • Acceptance of the faults and deficiencies of others
  • Believing that perfectionism is neither desirable nor possible
  • Feeling of being whole with a real sense of inner peace
  • The ability to give happiness to others and experiencing it myself

On the other side lack of self-confidence impacts quality of life negatively. It creates:

  • Apathy
  • Malice
  • Self-doubt
  • Inferiority complex
  • Loss of interest in joys of life
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Is there any difference between self-confidence, self-efficacy, and self-esteem?

Self-confidence, self-efficacy, and self-esteem are nearly similar to each other but not identical terms. Self-esteem is the feelings an individual has about their self. Self-efficacy is the degree or level of believing in yourself while self-confidence is about the acceptance of the whole self and how you present yourself to the world.

Building Self-Confidence:

Is it possible to build balanced self-confidence? If Yes, How to build it?

Fortunately, Yes! Self-confidence is something you can improve. There are things you can do to boost up your self-confidence.

But the bad news is: You cannot get a five-minute solution to this problem or there is no quick fix. It is a slow and steady process but becoming more confident is an achievable goal.

You just need determination and focus. And the even better thing is that the efforts you do to achieve self-confidence will lead you to success. After all, the confidence that comes from real achievements is long-lasting. No one can take it away from you.

Boosting self-confidence requires the cultivation of a positive attitude. This attitude is about yourself and social interactions. It is also about controlling and dealing with negative emotions. And above all generating self-confidence is about practicing great self-care.

Collectively boosting your self-confidence is all about:

  • How to set goals and take risks?
  • How meeting challenges can improve self-confidence?

Here, are the steps towards building self-confidence.

STEP 1: Be prepared for the journey

‘’Preparation to achieve your goal (self-confidence) is a half-way to success’’.

It is about realizing where you are right now. Deciding where you want to go; Getting yourself into the true mindset of your journey. And finally being committed to you to start it and remain continues with it. For preparing yourself to boost self-confidence you need to do these four things:

  • Prepare an ”Achievement log” about the things you already have achieved. Put or paste it at a place that you visit often. Then spend a few minutes with the success you have already achieved.
  • Set goals that utilize your strength properly. A goal that enhances your opportunities, controls the fears and threats and minimizes your weaknesses.
  • Start managing your mind and avoid negative self-talk. Negative thoughts can seriously damage your confidence.
  • The final part of this preparation is promise and commitment. An unambiguous commitment is required to achieve your goal of self-confidence.

STEP 2: Positive Dealing with Emotions:

Napoleon Hill said, ‘’whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve’’.

To boost self-confidence, it is required to control and manage the emotions progressively. Controlling emotions not only helps to overcome your weaknesses but provides you the strength to move forward. To deal with your emotions of every kind you need to follow the following tips.

  • Never compare yourself with others. You are a version of your kind. You should realize that no one can get everything in the world. Just try to focus on your improvement and raise your standard of life. Thinking about others, who are more rich, smart, prettier, or intelligent than you are, is irrelevant. Doing an effort to get your dreams and goals is the thing that you should be looking for. And at the end of the day, it is going to boost your confidence.
  • Confront your fears and boost your confidence. People with self-confidence are not fearless but they can manage it.
  • It is important to keep patience. Self-confidence cannot be gained overnight. You may face rejection or negative remarks sometimes. But rejection and refusal provide you an opportunity to understand more about yourself.
  • Recognize Your insecurities and strive for balance. Insecurities are the hurdles in your way to achieve self-confidence. You need to identify everything that makes you feel ashamed, unworthy, and inferior. Maintain balance in your life and be realistic.
  • Avoid Perfectionism and practice gratitude to transform into a more confident person. It is not possible to get 100% results of your input efforts. Perfectionism keeps you away from attaining goals by paralyzing your efforts. Be proud of who you are and practice gratitude for having everything which you already have in your life.

STEP 3: Take Care of Yourself

This step is composed of small but highly effective steps that can boost your self-confidence to the sky. It is not only about your inner grooming but physical appearance as well. Give some time to yourself; even when you are very busy. It is your right on yourself.

  • Exercise regularly not only puts you in shape and provides a healthy body but also participates in your mental well-being.
  • Sleep well to concentrate better at your work to achieve success. A sound sleep of 7 to 9 hours is highly recommended to feel and look good.
  • Work on your appearance. It is not about looking like Brad Pitt or Amber Heard. It is just about giving yourself the due importance. Bathing, brushing, wearing an outfit that suits you, etc. Superficial looks cannot help you with gaining confidence.

STEP 4: Take Risks to Achieve What You Want

To boost Self-confidence is not about being over-confident. Unrealistic approach and setting unattainable goals is not a way to follow. Most people get overwhelmed by setting their goals, and they never start working. This is nothing but a damper for increasing your self-confidence. It is in no manner going to provide you with an answer to your question of ” how to build self confidence”.

  • Set small, realistic and approachable goals. Put your all efforts to achieve these goals and gradually move towards the bigger tasks.
  • Never be too hard on yourself and don’t try to change everything about you. However, you think many things about yourself as your weaknesses; but maybe that’s not the fact. Just concentrate on real issues. Short or long height and bright or dull complexion are nothing to worry about.
  • Not get worried about facing uncertain or unpredictable situations. Open up your mind and soul and welcome happily what life is giving to you. Remain worried about upcoming challenges and problems ruin your today. Live in the moment you have and enjoy it. This feeling of relaxation will simply prepare you for the upcoming ventures of your life.
  • Help others and give them happy to get your self-confidence. When you realize yourself as a positive force in the world, you gain confidence. Being kind to people and creating positive differences in their lives is life long experience. You feel like an effective part of your surroundings and it boosts your self-confidence.


Self-confidence is not a magic pill that can change your life overnight. It is a process of exploring your inner self. As much as you explore yourself, you start understanding yourself in a better way. Self-confidence is a powerful condition of your mind that could create miracles.

By following these guiding steps one can find a way to attain and boost self-confidence.

What’s your opinion about it? Do comment to participate in this discussion. After all, you also need to show your self-confidence level.

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