• Behavioural Psychology

Broken Heart Syndrome – Is It Real?

‘’Mama Can you die from a broken heart?’’ A heart touching song with so many… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

Emotional Intelligence – What is it? How to use it in the best possible way?

It is rightly said about emotional intelligence that: ‘’Feeling so very deeply, is a blessing… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

Phone Anxiety – Do you need to worry about it?

If you feel extremely conscious before and after a call, delay making phone calls, and… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

Classical and Operant Conditioning – Relevant in real life?

Even if you are a beginner in the field of Psychology, chances are higher that… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

What are the attachment styles?

Do you have any idea about attachment styles? Why it is important to understand the… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

Psychological Facts about Body Language

Psychological facts about body language can be very well explained through this poem of William… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

Authoritarian Personality Theory

Authoritarian personality, doesn't it brings in a lot of names from the global leadership list… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

What personality type are you? Test your personality!

Have you ever tried to judge your personality? Or have taken any personality test? Do… Read More

  • Personality Growth

Self care – What is it? What Isn’t?

As an empty lantern cannot provide light; similarly, we need the fuel of self-care that… Read More

  • Behavioural Psychology

Who is an introvert? How can you identify introverted personalities?

Let’s identify introverted personalities or introverts! Seeking for no special attention and socialization, but feel… Read More

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